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Fespa London 2013

The SER.TEC. group has been one of the most protagonist of the recent Fespa held in London, an international event when we have show the new innovative printers Eagle Uv Led that have enjoyed an unexpected success by all the industry professionals to jobs and custmers, concluding important sales directly in the fair and important agreement of distributions in various country in the world, make grow our already well active distribution network.
Eagle has impressed for his speed and versatibily in the Uv print, much to induce famous ecommerce operator to sign the contract at the fair.
Furthermore our software WhiteRip has been choose and used by various exhibitors for its excellent quality and versatility and also for this product we have closed important international reselling agreement.
The SERTEC group is the exclusive distributor in Italy for many important brand like Dtg Digital, that in the occasion has presented the new VIPER 2 that will be sold by September,


and the new M4 Series Industrial and furthermore the expansion kit for M4 that, allowing print up to 2 meter long, increase the already optimal adaptability and application range like for examples the denm print market in rapid evolution from the quantity of request arrived during the fair.
All the Dtg Digital product are distributed in exclusive by Ser.Tec. that during the fair has signed the renew of the exclusive reselling and assistance contract in Italy, and has extend the exclusive in Tunisia and Swiss, for the Dtg Digital product all this thanks to the result obtained and to the renewed estimate of the group that continue since 2007.


Also always been part of IMPRESSION TECNOLOGY group we distribute in exclusive Rapid Label Compress in Italy, innovative system of digital printing and finishing of self-adhesive labels, on the occasion were presented the new printing solution COMPRESS PL4 ECLIPSE LF3 and finishing system.
In the world of screen print SERTEC since year represent the leader of the sector and here at Fespa has been renewed all the collaboration with reciprocal satisfaction for the result obtained since today in the Italian territory, in fact the Waltz company manufacturer of the famous automatic carousel for the garment print SCHENK has presented a new version of their EASY with a integrated system of digital and screen printing, for integrate these two techniques reciving a notable interest.
Instead the major manufacturer of plain screen system in the world THIEME has presented the new model LAB1000 with registry system ro control visual and more innovation that made THIEME the unchallenged leader of this sector.

In the end the SPS TECHNOSCREEN company absolute leader in cylinder printing system with the line of machines ‘vitessa’ has presented two new solution in the cylinder printing stop 360, jewel in the crown of the group that boast countless installation in Italy, and in fact is the fastest screen printing on the market reaching 4000 copies per hour.
Thanks to all these important collaborations and to our products we have experienced also this new edition of FESPA as protagonist, standing out for innovative solutions, and pointing out our role in the printing market. A dutiful thanks goes to all visitors intervened at our stands.
We expect many to our upcoming events that you can follow on our sites.

HERE you can find the photo gallery of the event.