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  • Ser.Tec. events report

    It was a week full of activities for the Ser.Tec. group which, with its agents and dealers, took part in some European events.
    Sales Manager Dario Rampinelli was present at Rema Days in Warsaw to illustrate Ser.Tec. products for UV, DTG and DTF printing such as Digiscreen S, IDTG 2 and the DTF 300Fast and DTF 600 printing lines and discuss new distribution agreements.

    The dealer Liratex was instead present at the Print & Sign Expo in Holland with the DTF 300 Fast printing line which stood out for its speed and print quality.

    Ser.Tec. was also present at UK Sign and Digital in Birmingham.
    Agent Keith Ramsey had several appointments at the show to discuss distribution agreements for Ser.Tec.

  • EvNetwork release WhiteRIP 8

    At first glance it is immediately noticeable the new color scheme of WhiteRIP 8, but new version bring many improvements also on performances and new features.

    What's new

    General performance improvements

    The new version is up to 15% faster on image elaboration and feature an updated color management system and a new pdf engine. But that's just the point of the iceberg, other new features are:

    Patch creator

    A new tool to find the right RGB or CMYK value to print an accurate color.

    Creation of labels

    Create labels directly on template customizing font, color and background to give you the maximum flexibility and more!

    Group and manage multiple jobs

    Need to print on different passages white, color and spot layer? Now you can group the prints on the queue in a single job to better manage your works.

    Pattern su spot

  • Trade in your DTG printer and enter DTF technology

    Ser.Tec. offer a trade in incentive for your old DTG to pass to DTF technology!

    Discover Ser.Tec.'s range of DTF products


    The DTF technology has proved to be extremely versatile allowing the customization of all types of fabrics, both natural and synthetic without the need to pre-treat the garments. The photographic print quality and excellent color rendering make it suitable for even the most demanding printers.
    The ease of use combined with the reduced cost of the inks makes the DTF technology extremely competitive also in terms of cost per copy.

  • Ser.Tec. DTF solutions at Ramset Open House

    Ser.Tec. will be present with it's innovative DTF solutions at Ramset NSO open house.

    The openhouse will take place at Ramset headquarter located at DV 55 rue Gay Lussac in St Jean d'Illac on 2ns and 3rd of March 2022.

    This new technology consists in printing on films using digital printers, which can then be applied to garments in synthetic or natural fabrics and objects in wood, metal, glass, etc. without the need to apply primers or pre-treatments and without the need to purchase different equipment for customization of objects or clothing. For both types of application the inks or the type of printer do not change, allowing extreme flexibility on the type of jobs that can be performed.

    For small and medium-sized productions Ser.Tec. will show the DTF 400, consisting of a latest generation inkjet printer with 6 printing channels, oven with duster and rewinder.

  • Buy a Ser.Tec. oven with trade in incentive

    It's the right time to to replace your oven with the Ser.Tec. trade in!
    Ser.Tec. has a trade in offer for your used oven to buy a new one, but the benefits don't end there.
    The new line of Ser.Tec.

  • DTF UV printing with Eagle printers

    Eagle UV Led digital printers are very versatile and allow print directly on almost all materials.
    However, there are particular cases where, due to the shape of the object, direct digital printing is not possible, in this case the DTF UV technology allows the creation of transfers that can be applied to very irregular objects.
    The procedure consists in printing on a special film with glue and then applying a second film to the print with a calender.
    To ennoble and give protection it is advisable to print a glossy finish.
    At this point the transfers are ready to be applied on objects as if they were adhesives, without the need for treatments before or after the application.
    The prints made with this technology are flexible and therefore applicable to objects with particular shapes and resistant to scratches and wear.

  • The new products presented in 2021 by Ser.Tec.

    2021 is ending and it is time for the Ser.Tec group to look to the past. This year, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we presented new printers with new technologies and equipment such as the new Digiscreen S equipped with Ricoh Gen 5 heads or the DTF printing lines. It was also a positive year for the screen printing sector where we renewed the new line of linear screen printing machines.
    Below is a brief summary of our main products launched in 2021

    Digiscreen S

    Presented at Visiva 2021 Digiscreen S is the new solution to integrate digital printing in screen printing carousels.

    Equipped with Ricoh Gen 5 industrial print heads to ensure high quality and productivity, Digiscreen S is compatible with any type of screen printing carousel.

    Find out more about Digiscreen S