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  • WhiteRIP DTF Webinar, register now!

    EvNetwork will hold a webinar on April 9th about WhiteRIP 7 DTF Edition.
    The webinar will cover the first configuration of the software, the steps to print with different optimization and the explaination of all the useful features for direct to film printing.

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    Like all digital printing technologies, the DTF also requires professional RIP software for managing and processing the prints.

  • New optimizations and rasterization effects on WhiteRIP DTF

    EvNetwork released a new update for WhiteRIP DTF, the version that brings a lot of features.

    New profiles with optimizations

    The newest version bring new profiles for dtf ink that includes optimizations for black and dark garments.

    New rasterization effects

    Create print with rasterization effects by just using the environments with rasterization effects.

    No need to use external graphic software and prepare each graphic, just load them on template, select the environments with the effect and print.

  • New Digiscreen S

    Ser.Tec. presents Digiscreen S, the new solution to integrate digital printing in screen printing carousels.

    To ensure high quality and productivity, the Digiscreen S digital printer is equipped with Ricoh Gen 5 industrial print heads.
    The modular design of the machine allows to mount from 2 to 8 heads ensuring high productivity up to 200 pieces per hour.

  • Tailored printing solution - Eagle Hybrid 130

    Thanks to the completely internal management from design to production of Eagle Ser.Tec. is able to create customized printers for particular applications, to integrate them in automatic production environments etc.

    The latest customized machine made to end customer specifications consists of an Eagle Hybrid 130 with a special printing surface for printing bulky materials that adds another 60cm to the standard 25cm opening.

    The print table can be completely raised to take advantage of the entire 130x150cm printing surface for printing materials with a thickness of less than 25cm.

    Do you have a particular application or do you want to integrate a digital printer into your production process?
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  • Eagle Hybrid Technology

    Eagle Hybrid printers are designed for materials that are normally difficult to print.
    In fact, these printers have dedicated ink sets to obtain photographic quality prints on materials such as metals, glass, ceramics and leather with excellent sealing without the need to use primers.

    Thanks to the adjustable halogen lamp mounted on the side of the head, most of the materials are ready immediately after printing while some require a quick passage in the oven.

  • EVNetwork launch new software for DTF market

    EVNetwork has released a new software RIP dedicated to DTF market WhiteRIP DTF.

    The DTF printing process is very simple, the graphics to be applied to the object are processed by the RIP software and printed on mirrored film and with the color under white. It is then dryed in the oven and applied with a hot adhesive powder.
    At this point the film with the graphics can be applied to the object using a heat press.

    Like all digital printing technologies, the DTF also requires professional RIP software for managing and processing the prints. The new software as well as being compatible with most of the new Epson technologies used for this has dedicated functions for the DTF.

    To simplify the print process the RIP is pre-configured to print in one pass both color and white, with the white layer above the color one.
    The software will automatically mirror the image before print without the necessisity to save a copy of it or do it manually on the software.

    WhiteRIP DTF can be used for both sheets and roll film you just need to change the media source and you're ready to go.