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  • The Eagle series arrives in Vietnam

    Ser.Tec. has closed an important commercial agreement with VTS for the marketing of the Eagle series printers.
    VTS will bedistributor of Ser.Tec's Eagle industrial printers in Vietnam a very emerging market that requires high-performance printing solutions.

    This agreement further strengthens the international distribution network of the Ser.Tec. group which sees its products distributed in more than 30 countries.

    Eagle UV 70Eagle TX S

  • Ser.Tec. launch the new UP FJ H

    Ser.Tec. presented UP FJ H, an industrial UV LED printer for printing rigid and reel materials up to 1600mm wide..

    UP FJ H roll to roll

    UP FJ H presents a vacuum belt with adjustable power for moving objects and removable roller conveyors to allow the printing of rigid materials up to 200mm thick.
    For printing on roll materials UP FJ H is equipped with an automatic unwinder and rewinder and pinch rollers.

    UP FJ H rigid materials

    The 8 colors of UP FJ H are managed individually by industrial Fujifilm Dimatix printheads with drop on fly technology that allow UP FJ H to reach a resolution of 1200dpi and guarantee the coverage even at the higher speed.

  • Report C!Print Lyon 2019

    Ser.Tec group took part in the C! Print 2019, one of the most important exhibitions for the advertising and graphic marketing sector.

    sertec cprint

    At the Thermoflan dealer's stand, many visitors were interested in the Eagle UV 70 printer due to its versatility and the high print quality demonstrated by printing on various types of materials.
    industrial UV Led printer Eagle 70

    There was a lot of anticipation for the presentation of the new Eagle TX 70 2H, the fabric printer with two independent print heads thanks to the proprietary Multihead technology.

  • WhiteRIP present new color optimization for WhiteRIP 7

    EvNetwork, software house of the Ser.Tec. group, presented a new color optimization for version 7 of the software with a video on WhiteRIP YouTube channel.

    The optimization function allows to drastically reduce the costs of printing on fabric, in particular for printing on colored garments, going to recalculate the ink quantity according to the color of the shirt. This function was presented in 2014 with WhiteRIP 6, and has now been further updated for the new WhiteRIP 7, improving calculation algorithms for even better results.

    Color optimization is performed completely on the software side, and is therefore compatible with all dtg printers currently supported by WhiteRIP, regardless of manufacturer or year of production.

  • Ser-Tec at C!Print Lyon 2019

    Ser.Tec Group will be present at C!Print Lyon from 5 to 7 February 2019.

    C!Print is one of the most important expo in France for the advertising and marketing print and it's the ideal showcase for versatile printers like our Eagle.

    Ser-Tec Group will be present with its French dealer Thermoflan at stand 1E3 with UV Led printing solutions like Eagle UV 70 and textile printing solutions like the new Eagle TX 70 equipped with 2 printheads.

    Ser.Tec group is waiting for you at stand 1E3 with Thermoflan staff to show you our printing technologies.

    Eagle UV 70Eagle tx 70 2h

  • 2018 novely recap

    2018 is endind and for Ser.Tec group it's time to look behind. This year we have launched new printers and equipements, below there is a short recap of our new products of 2018.
    Ser.Tec group give you appointment to C!Print Lyon 2019 where we will present the lastest improvements of the Eagle series.

    Eagle 50

    Presented at Inprint Milan this small format printer is great for object printing and for textiles.
    Unlike the larger Eagle models in the Eagle 50, the print bed moves to minimize the overall dimensions required to operate the machine.

    Read more about Eagle 50

    Eagle 70 S2

  • Closing holiday season

    Ser.Tec Group will be closed for Christmas from 22/12 to 06/01 included,

    all orders received after 10:00am of 21/12 will be processed from 07/01, subject to stock availability.

    For any questions or concerns regarding the procedures to secure the machine for a long time break contact our technicians

    We take this opportunity to wish you and your staff best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Eagle series expand with the new Eagle 50

    Ser-Tec at recent Inprint Milan has presented the new Eagle 50, a printer that meets the market request for small format printer with high quality prints.

    In fact even if Eagle 50 it's a small format printer, is equipped with all the technologies and features that characterize the Eagle series like ink recirculation, last generation print heads and much more that give Eagle 50 speed, quality and reliability.

    On Eagle 50 is the table that move under the printer to reduce the amount of space needed to operate the machine, this allows it to be used on small offices or shops.

    The new Eagle 50 feature a print area of 700x500mm, a maximum print height of 250mm and tablet for remote control.

    This printer is