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  • Report Viscom Milano 2019

    The Ser.Tec. group participated at Viscom Milan 2019 presenting important news.

    In fact, the new Atom UV LED printer with Ricoh Gen 5 industrial heads guaranteeing high printing speed with photographic quality was presented at the stand.

    Another novelty was the ICut cutting plotter which demonstrated its versatility with the cutting of printed panels.

  • Great news for Ser.Tec. Group at Viscom Milan 2019

    The Ser.Tec group will attend Viscom Milan 2019 from 10 to 12 October at stand E09 / F12.
    The event to be held in Milan Rho collects and unifies the best of the production of the visual communication market in a single international event.

    On the occasion of the event will be presented the new line of Atom industrial UV LED printers capable of photo-quality prints at incredible speeds thanks to the use of Ricoh Gen5 and Gen6 printheads.

    I-Plasm, the innovative cold plasma pretreatment solution for all types of material, including fabrics, will also be presented.
    This pretreatment system does not alter the material but increases its adhesion and wettability making them suitable for printing with digit

  • Atom industrial printers

    Ser.Tec. presented the new line of Atom large format industrial printers.

    The Atom series printers produce photographic quality prints thanks to the Ricoh Gen5 and Gen6 heads.
    These latest generation heads guarantee excellent quality thanks to greater precision and greater frequency of work. A further feature of the heads is the printing of variable size drops to minimize printing defects and produce more faithful gradients.

    On the sides of the print heads there are two water-cooled UV LED lamps for immediate drying of the print.

  • Chiusura estiva 2019

    We inform you that our company will be close for summer holidays
    from 05 August to 31 August 2019 included.

    For consumables orders the last day for shipping is 01/08/2019, orders recived after that day will be processed after the 02/09.

    Remember to prepare your machine for long time stop, if you got any doubts contact our technicians!!

  • New cutting plotter ICut

    Ser.Tec. presents the new ICut cutting plotter equipped with a vacuum table and double cutting head.

    With ICut it is possible to crease, cut and kiss-cuts on different types of materials including vinyl films, paper, cardstock and fabric.

    Thanks to the ICut cross-point reader it can cut printer sheets with any technology and the large work surface allows you to insert more sheets to be processed.
    ICut is also supplied with support for rolls up to 750mm wide.

    Check out more details on the product page.

  • Report Fespa Munich 2019

    Ser.Tec. group was present at the Fespa Monaco 2019 with the digital fabric printer Eagle TX 70 2H and the new Eagle UV 50 for object printing.

    The new Eagle UV 50, equipped with a moving table, has impressed many visitors with its quality and speed of printing. The combination of gloss and 3D printing has given opportunities to create impact effects that have attracted many visitors.

    The high print speed and the ability to print photographic quality on fabric has highlighted the Eagle TX 70 2H, equipped with a double indipendent print head thanks to Ser.Tec's proprietary Multihead technology.

    The Ser.Tec Group thanks all the visitors and gives you an appointment for future events.

  • Ser.Tec. present IPlasm

    Ser.Tec. presented IPlasm, a revolutionary cleaning, pretreatment and surface protection system for all types of materials thanks to the use of plasma.

    Plasma is based on the physical principle that states of matter change by applying energy. By adding energy to the gas, it ionizes generating electrons, ions and free molecular fragments, transforming itself into plasma.
    This technology allows the surface to be activated homogeneously increasing its wettability. At the same time, plasma has a cleaning effect by eliminating oils, greases and other organic contaminants from the material.
    The combination of the detergent effect and surface activation exceeds the efficacy of traditional primers, with adhesion of the print even on the most difficult materials.
    A perfect example of use is related to printing on glass. During the production process one of the faces is in contact with the tin and therefore dirty.

  • Ser.Tec. at PPD Expo 2019

    The Ser.Tec group will be present at PPD Expo at the stand of its dealer Hesse Trade from 9 to 11 April.
    The event will be held at the BOK (formerly SYMA) Hall of Budapest on Dózsa György nr 1.

    At the stand there will be the new Eagle UV 50 with a printing area of 700x500mm and, unlike the other Eagle printers, equipped with a moving table and fixed print head that allows to reduce the space required for the machine to function. Eagle UV 50 maintains the features that distinguish the Eagle line such as the maximum print thickness of 250mm and the wing design that allows you to print materials larger than the table..

    Eagle UV 50

    The Ser.Tec group is waiting for you to show you the latest news in digital printing and the new Eagle UV 50