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  • Ser.Tec present the new ILed 2

    Ser.Tec. Expands its range of digital printers with the ILed 2, a small but high-performance printer that is tailor-made to personalizing promotional items and printing on objects.

    iLed2The printing area of 295x575mm can be used to print on objects up to 170mm thick, making ILed 2 extremely versatile.
    Iled 2 comes with a 8-channel latest generation print head, configurable with CMYK, white and gloss to meet the different printing needs and effects you want to achieve.
    Thanks to UV Led technology is possible to print on a variety of materials without pre-treatment, while the water cooled UV Led lamp cure the inks during the printing making the material ready for use without further processing with considerable time and labor saving.

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  • Discover the Eagle range

    Discover the Eagle printer range, designed specifically for industrial applications with innovative solutions and the latest digital printing technologies

  • Summer closure

    We inform you that our company will be close for summer holidays
    from 05 August to 03 September 2017 included.

    For consumables orders the last day for shipping is 03/08/2017, orders recived after that day will be processed after the 04/09.

    Remember to prepare your machine for long time stop, if you got any doubts contact our technicians!!

    Online support service will be operative from Monday to Friday.

  • New Eagle TX S

    During the Fespa Hamburg, Ser.Tec Group presented Eagle TX S an innovative digital fabric printer for great runs.

    Eagle TX S is characterized by multiple printheads ( from 2 to 4) and from the platens transport system that allow the printer to be easily integrated with an automatic platen return system ( optional ) that allow a single operator to load and dowload the platen in a single station reducing the manpower needed and increasing the production up to 120 t-shirt/h.

  • Report Fespa Hamburg 2017

    Ser.Tec. Group has partecipate at Fespa Hamburg 2017, one of the most important internationa expo for digital printing.

    During the event has been introduced the new Eagle TX S3, a digital carpet printer for textiles that can be integrated into an automated production system. Thanks to multiple printheads ( from 2 to 4), is able to produce high quality prints and coverage even at the lowest resolutions.

  • Do not miss the novelty of the Ser.Tec Group at Fespa 2017

    The Fespa Hamburg 2017 has officially started with the Ser.Tec Group that introduced the new Eagle TX S, a digital printer with a new, innovative technology that allows you to reach high speeds without sacrificing print quality.
    Eagle TX S3 is present at Ser.Tec A4 B50 stand inside an automatic print line with a loading and unloading station at the same end, reducing the workforce needed for the machine.

    Eagle 70 S

    In addition at the same stand are present also Eagle UV 70 and Eagle Line 60 with the innovative Hybrid inks.

    Eagle UV 70 has a print area of 700x1500mm, double water cooled UV Led lamps, vacuum table with retractable square and a material thickness of 250mm.

  • Ser.Tec products at Fespa 2017

  • Ser.Tec at Fespa 2017

    Ser.Tec. company leader in the production of digital printing systems for objects and textiles will be present at Fespa 2017 in Hamburg at stand A4-B50 from May 8th to May 12th.

    Fespa is the largest international event for digital printing, and it's an important showcase that gathers the best company of the market.

    Ser.Tec Group will be at Fespa with the printers of the Eagle line, Eagle UV 70, Eagle Hybrid 60 and the new printer Eagle 70 S3.


    Eagle UV 70 is an innovative printer with a print area of 700x1500mm, double water cooled UV Led lamps, vacuum table with retractable square and a material thickness of 250mm. Eagle UV 70 can be controlled by tablet making it an incredible flexible printer suitable to be used in many different sectors like sign, packaging, advertising and finishing.