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I-DTG 2 - Industrial DTG printer

I-DTG 2 is the industrial dtg printing solution for medium format designed to deliver the best performance to increase productivity and ensure the highest quality for every job.
Unlike other printers, I-DTG 2 uses 2 print heads at the same time offering a high print speed.
The heads are mounted at a distance of 15 cm allow you to print white and color at the same time leaving a few second for the white to dry before printing the colors, preventing the two layers from mixing.
The latest generation print heads that I-DTG 2 is equipped with are specifically designed for printing on fabric, guarateeing greater stability and resistance, leaving you to focus on production instead of maintenance.
The two independent 40x50cm printing pallets allow the printer to work continuosly, producing in A3+ format 40 shirts per hour on light garments and 30 shirts per hour on dark garments.

The versatility of the machine is also guaranteed by the maximum print thickness of 10cm with height sensor thanks to which it is also possible to print on garments such as sweatshirts, jeans and, with ad-hoc pallets, also shoes. For larger applications it is possible to mount a single printing surface with dimensions 90x50cm.

The inks, cmyk + white, are in pressurized tanks to reduce waste and with the white under contant recirculation to avoid sedimentation.

The printer is supplied with the WhiteRIP professional printing software with specific functions for printing on fabric such as auto generation of the white base and the management of the background color of the t-shirt.