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Customized printing solutions realized by Ser.Tec.

Ser.Tec. group designs and manufactures all the components of its printers internally. This allows to create printers with special features to adapt to specific customer requests. Over the years the group has created a good number of customized printers for particular applications or to integrate them into automatic production environments, here are some of the solutions created by Ser.Tec.

Do you also need a printing solution for particular applications or do you need to integrate printing into your production process?
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Eagle UV 130 for roll to roll printer

This model of Eagle UV 130 has been modified to allow both flatbed printing and roll to roll printing of reel materials with automatic unwinder and rewinder.
The system requested by the customer allows the printing of 4 reels or a large reel with a width up to 130cm.

Eagle Hybrid printing line

The goal of this customization is to place the Eagle Hybrid printer in an automated production context. In this configuration, the Eagle printer instead of the table is equipped with a carpet with sensors for the automatic recognition of the objects to be printed.
An IR lamp was mounted before the printer to prepare the objects for printing, while at the end of the printing station there is an oven with a metal belt for the final drying of the print.

Eagle Hybrid with custom table

This Eagle HY 130 is one of many custom models for printing on large finished products. This special print table has an area with an extra 60cm opening for materials, well beyond the standard 25cm.

It is possible to completely raise the section to print on smaller or flat objects and use the entire 130x150 cm print area.

Eagle UV with customized templates and customized software

Custom templates have been created on this Eagle UV 60 for the customer's products.
These templates have a quick centering system and, to further increase productivity, they can be manipulated for loading / unloading even while the printer is running.
On the software side, a special version of WhiteRIP takes care of printing automatically by positioning the QR Code to be printed in position.