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EVNetwork launch new software for DTF market

EVNetwork has released a new software RIP dedicated to DTF market WhiteRIP DTF.

The DTF printing process is very simple, the graphics to be applied to the object are processed by the RIP software and printed on mirrored film and with the color under white. It is then dryed in the oven and applied with a hot adhesive powder.
At this point the film with the graphics can be applied to the object using a heat press.

Like all digital printing technologies, the DTF also requires professional RIP software for managing and processing the prints. The new software as well as being compatible with most of the new Epson technologies used for this has dedicated functions for the DTF.

To simplify the print process the RIP is pre-configured to print in one pass both color and white, with the white layer above the color one.
The software will automatically mirror the image before print without the necessisity to save a copy of it or do it manually on the software.

WhiteRIP DTF can be used for both sheets and roll film you just need to change the media source and you're ready to go.

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