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Ser-Tec is looking for european dealers of new Compress UV range

Ser-Tec group thanks to the many years of experience on digital printing sector has concluded the agreement for exclusive import and distribution of Compress UV in Europe.

The new Compress UV range is composed of printers that take advantage of latest UV Led technology for printing on object. This new range is oriented to industrial applications, in fact there are two version with automatic or partially automatic tables load and unload.

The Compress UV range is composed of three models:

-The flatbed plotter BeLed, the ‘stand alone’ printer of the range
-The line iUV-600BRD with automatic load and manual unload or automatic unload and manual load
-The line iUV600LNE with automatic loan and unload

The possibility to create a semi automatic or fully automatic production line makes iUV600 lines suitable for big production, while the stand alone version is suitable for small production.
Another strong point of Compress UV range is the double UV Led lamp to dry in a uniform way all the print area of 600 x 400 mm and the software RIP WhiteRIP that manage template printing and offer many optimization.

Ser-Tec exclusive European reseller for Compress IQ is looking for new dealer for Compress UV range; contact us to submit your candidacy

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