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Air Oven - Mod. Ser air

Brief description: 
Modular oven with hot and cold spans or UV with the possibility of adding additional modules over time.
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Modular oven, compatible with Industry 4.0 standards, achievable with hot and cold air spans, UV modules, IR modules or air-conditioned up to 1 ° for particular industrial uses with the possibility of adding additional modules over time.

Ideal for the polymerization of screen printing inks on rigid substrates such as: paper, PVC, nylon, polycarbonate ect ...

High ducted ventilation and optimal air recirculation to allow rapid and unchanged polymerization of the printed substrates.

The ovens are equipped with a control panel for setting all the operating parameters including the temperature and speed of the carpet.

The adjustable opening on both sides and the insulation allows you to reduce the heat loss, helping to reduce the consumption of the oven.

Infeed carpet length: 1500 mm
Outfeed carpet length: 1000 mm
Tunnel width: 1000mm
Hot tunnel length: 3000 mm
Max temperature: 120 - 160 °C
UV lamp height: from 35 to 100mm
Colt tunnel lenght: 2000 mm
Usable tunnel height: 100mm
Adjustable belt speed
Supply: 230 / 400 Volt