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Semiautomatic clamshell screen printer mod. S2

Brief description: 
The ideal screen printer machine for print on all rigid and flexible materials
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S2 screen printer machine is equipped with a lot of
dispositives and regulations:
-pneumatic reverse of squeegee scraper
-squeegee and scraper angle adjustment
-frame bar keeper adjustable in height for outside contact
-automatic o -contact frame detachment
-3 operative cycles-manual, semiautomatic and automatic
-pre-vacumm (optional)
-separate control of squeegee and scraper speed.
-vacuum table with micro registrations system x ,y, z.
-hand saver safety bar
-micro regulation for squeegee run
-digital timer and stroke counter

Mod. S 2 500 : 500x700 mm
Mod. S 2 700 : 700x1000 mm
Mod. S 2 1000 : 1000x1400 mm
Mod. S 2 1200 : 1200x1800 mm
Mod. S 2 1400 : 1400x2000 mm

Technical data:
Power 2.55 Kw
Voltage 400/230 V 50 Hz
pneumatic power 6 Bar
Max. screen tickness 40 mm
Max. print thickness 20 mm