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APPLY - The Dtg Pretreatment Solution

Brief description: 
Consistent and precise pretreatment liquid application
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Revolutionize the quality of your garment prints with APPLY!

This system offers you a solution for application of pretreatment.

Ideal for any digital printing system, it's fast and easy to use.

Thanks to the aspiration, the tissue remains tensioned and in vertical position, the primer also gets aspirated through the fabric's fibers, allowing lower waste of the solution and a better result. APPLY can also be folded on itself, allowing easy transportation. Anyone without experience can easily pretreat garments efficiently on this system: it is usually difficult to get the required amount of fluid laydown evenly over the entire printed area. APPLY solves this issue, allowing you to pretreat your products with consistent and higher quality.

  • Consistent and precise liquid application pretreatment
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Total Containment of the primer
  • Cost effective solution complete
  • Save time, money and avoid poor print quality
  • NO clogging
  • Size: 45x65 cm, suction side
  • Power: 220 V for gun
  • Integrated control: on / off for fan
  • Structure: pre-painted steel
  • Size when closed: 80x60x90 cm
  • Size when opened : 47x75x160 cm