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SunFlower inks are designed to be compatible with their heads, Xaar, Spectra, Konica-Minolta. Bring your business to the next level with inks SunFlower!

SunFlower UV inks

SunFlower UV inks are used on products of all measures such as wallpaper, furniture, ceilings and walls, tiles, windows and display point of sale, application for billboard posters, outdoor signs, "street furniture, durable graphics . The inks are formulated for maximum adhesion and compatibility with a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates: PVC, plastic, wood, glass, tinted glass, mirror, metal, banners, etc ...
SunFlower inks are designed to be compatible with their heads, Xaar, Spectra, Konica-Minolta. Bring your business to the next level with inks SunFlower
The main features of these inks are as follows:

  • low ecological impact. UV-curing inks are environmentally friendly. Are toxic when in liquid form, but are not volatile. After being dried, a process that occurs during printing, UV inks can be used safely in the interior. The compatibility label is certified by the documentation.
  • high optical density. We provide a very high density of the pigment. The size of pigment particles in our ink is about 0.2 microns. The diffusing capacity is very high.
  • Wide range of colors. The brightness and reproduction are excellent. Today many people are attentive to color, especially when it comes to printing their logos. The ink SunFlower gives excellent brightness and very saturated colors on most media.
  • Excellent adhesion. Inks SunFlower ensure optimum adhesion when printing on any material flexible and rigid, but also on heat resistant materials and paper
  • Resistance to light. Inks SuFlower have a score of 8 + (the highest international level). This means that you can expose to the sun prints for more than 3000 hours (about 3 years). But the prints are commonly used in UV: do not forget that 60% of ultraviolet rays linger on the window and double glazing. Precisely for this reason and because the high resistance of the inks Sunflower, the life of your prints is greatly increased, up to 5-10 years of exposure

Sunflower and Nanotechnology: Quality and Stability
In the near future, Sun will release a new brand, called NanoInk, based on nanotechnology.
We will use components made of nano chemical solid microspheres. Since these round beads increased very fluidity of the inks. If the nozzles are clogged, the ink can not pass the ordinary, but ink with nano particles can easily pass ensuring trouble-free printing. In addition to this advantage, the cleaning nozzle is improved, allowing for greater durability of the print heads. Using these inks so, the length of the printhead increases up to 30%
The main advantage for our customers is that the color is brighter! Containing nano particles of circular shape, play a rolo light diffusion, creating a glow in the image. Furthermore, nanotechnology can get the stability of the ink in the printhead and increase shelf life and resistance to external factors.
In future, all formulas inchistri princpali will be produced with the use of nanoecnologie
Sort SunFlower new inks for brilliant images and print head intact! Your customers will be happy as much as your printers
  • CMYK
  • LcLm
  • OrGr
  • White
  • Lacquer

LcLm is a good choice for mixing and gradient, especially when it is necessary to obtain quality images and natural colors more saturated. OrGr extends the range.
white can print on materials that are of different colors, even trasarenti, and it is sufficient to create a unique color profile
Product Line
Several series have been designed especially for different print heads. UV Sunflower, SunFlower UV LED, UV LED Ultra SunFlower.
Sunflower UV inks are very reliable and always provide excellent quality prints. SuFlower UV inks are made with European and American components: photo initiators BASF (Germany), Clariant pigment, Cronos, Degussa (Germany), monomers and oligomers - Cytec, additives - Dow (USA), Ciba (Switzerland), Lubrizol ( UK).
inciostri UV SunFlower are compatible with a wide range of flexible materials and rigid PVC, plastic, polycarbonate, wood, glass, glass, mirrors, ceramic tiles, tessutto, metal, banners (fabrics illuminated face, backlit , blackout, adhesive vinyl, backlit black and blue card). They are also used on non-heat resistant, and even on paper
replacement inks
Clean the ink system and filters with the corresponding cleaning materials. Then do the same with the liquid, and then uses inks SunFlower sunflower. Shake the ink prior to use.
The shelf life SunFlower UV ink is 12 months from date of manufacture when stored under appropriate conditions. White UV ink for the time is 6 months.
The ideal temperature pears storage is between +5 ° C to +35 ° C. Before using the ink is recommended to reach room temperature.
UV inks sunflower are available in bottles of 1 liter.





SunFlower UV

XAAR 128-40, 126-50 XAAR

XAAR 128-40, 126-50 XAAR

Konica-Minolta KM512 (14 пкл)

1 L

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Black, Lacquer

SunFlower UV-LED

Konica-Minolta KM512 (4 пкл)

1 L

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Black, Lacquer

cleaning fluid

2 L