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INOX TANK complete with sliding plexiglass visor with spray save
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Bath complete with sliding plexiglass visor with salvaspruzzi.
This lavascreen has, on top of the tank, a hood designed to be connected to any suction device.
In the standard type, ie without the hood, the top of the tank, being free, does not create any restriction in effect longer than the frame.
The model with the hood is preferred particularly when placing it in a not very large, this should reduce the smell of the fumes of the solvent used.
Maximum frame size cm. 130 x 160

Length of container: cm. 160
Bowl width: cm. 60
Tank height: cm. 130
Max frame size: 116 x 150 cm
Recirculation Pump: Explosion Proof
Tank capacity for solvents: 40 Lt.
Vacuums vapors: No 3
Power used: 1 Kw
Voltage: 50 Hz
Size. Overall: cm.165x57xh220
Weight: 140 Kg