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Applicatore Primer automatico

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Automatic primer applicator
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Autoprimer is an innovative priming station equipped with precision nozzles to prime the fabric in a few seconds and evenly from the first to the last treated item.
To reduce waste, you can set the area to be primed on the touch screen display.
Autoprimer is available in 2 sizes with a maximum working area of 600x400mm and 900x1500mm.

Autoprimer can accommodate two 18 liters primer containers that can be used to primer different types of fabrics, the transition from one liquid to another is extremely simple and fast. The pressurized primer circuit ensures the absence of air bubbles.

The smaller Autoprimers can be supplied with an integrated heat press with adjustable temperature and pressing time, so as to adapt to any fabric.

An automatic system changes the paper between the heat press and the fabric to prevent primer residues on the press from staining the fabric.

After use, the automatic washing system allows the circuit and nozzles to be completely washed in a few minutes, preventing the primer from obstructing them.

Autoprimer Autoprimer BIG
Working area 600x400mm 900x1500mm
Primer container 18L
Water container 9L
Power supply 230V 1Kw
Pneumatic supply 6 bar
With heatpress
Power supply 230V 3Kw
Max. temperature 170°