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Eagle CTS

Brief description: 
With the new Computer to Screen system Eagle CTS you will no longer need to print films and impress your screens. Everything you need to do is open your graphics in WhiteRip software (included), select the channel to print and your screen will be ready to print. Thanks to a screen lock system it’s easy to print different screens size one after another with minimun operation required for register setting.
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The images generated by Eagle CTS are superior over
traditional film positives:
- the process is cheaper, images are printed directly on
the screen without using films
- images have better quality, greater details and superior
halftones transition
- There’s no need for a vacuum blanket during the exposure

process as light does not have to penetrate layers of glass
and film, with a time saving up to 50%
- You don’t need to store all your screens. Just save the file
digitally and reprint them when you need, saving space,
manpower and inventory

The positioning system is easy allow the operator to print
screens for multicolor images with far less registration
requirement on press.

WhiteRIP software has a built in function to print the images
one channel per time and to create the halftones transitions
with great quality.
All you have to do is load the screen on the printer, open
the image on the RIP and print it one channel per screen.

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