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iLed 2

Brief description: 
Printer for objects
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New line of FLAT – BED UV printers for small size with piezo electric and UV LED technology.
Its applications are infinite and thanks to the UV LED technology it’s possible to print directly on all types of
materials without pre-treatment, for example: aluminum, glass, ceramic, PVC, acrylic etc…
Supports all formats. Its characteristics are the print speed and ease of use, added to its versatility, thanks to the UP and DOWN platen that will allow you to print on objects of height up to 170mm.

Print format : 295 x 575 mm
Technology : piezo – elettric 8 channel
Max resoloution: 5760 DPI
Inks : CMYK-WWWW or 2xCMYK
Print material height : from 0 to 170 mm
Voltage : 230 V

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