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Plasma pre-treatment system
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IPlasm is a revolutionary cleaning, pretreatment and surface protection system for all types of materials.
IPlasm exploits the ionization of a noble gas such as Argon by means of a high voltage.
The device works in radiofrequency (RF) which allows to obtain a cold, homogeneous and clean plasma.
IPlasm can be used for cleaning materials before printing to improve adhesion and thanks to the operating temperature below 40 ° C.
IPlasm is used for surface activation and cleaning of different materials like polymers, fabrics, paper, wood, metals, ceramics, glass etc.
The pre-treatment ensures efficient cleaning thanks to the degreasing action and the selective removal of surface contaminants, thus renewing the surface of the material.
The great versatility of IPlasm ensures the optimal balance between the effectiveness of the activation effect and the respect of the original base material, in particular in case of temperature sensitive materials.
IPlasm can also be used in the deposition of super-thin organic and hybrid layers, which make it possible to eliminate the use of common primers, guaranteeing the adhesion performance sought with eco-compatible and solvent-free processes.
IPlasm is the most appropriate surfaces pretreatment of materials to be coated, printed, glued or laminated to another material.
Finally IPlasm can deposit a transparent protective film to protect the print from wear, chemical agents and UV rays.

Specification supply
Power 30 - 100 W, 220V
Gas 1 Ar 5-10 slm
Gas 2 Carrier for chemical precursor vapour or reactive
gas (0,2-5 slm)
Gas 3 Cooling/shell (Air or N2 10 - 20 slm)
Specification treatment
Spot size 1 cm²
Surface actiovation rate 1 - 10 cm² / s
Deposition rate (cm²) 10 nm/s
Interchangeable heads for different spots size: 5. 10 or 50
Aerosol precusrsor feeding systems
Table top robot with controlled atmosphere