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S1 500 Auto

Brief description: 
Semi automatic screen printing line with oven
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S1 500 Auto is the most versatile screen printing machine in the market, the result of years of experience in the field.

The S1 500 screen printing machine is equipped with shuttle table with vacuum and retractable lay on pins for the rapid positioning of the sheets and automatic take-off system.

At the end of printing, the grippers block the printed sheets depositing them on the belt which transfers them to the next working station.

All S1 500 Auto adjustments and locks are with levers and knobs, without the need for tools.

Furthermore, upon request, customized solutions can be developed to adapt S1 500 Auto to particular production needs.

Maximum printing area: 700x500mm
Minimum print area: A4
Print thickness: from 0 to 1mm with automatic take-off, up to 30mm with manual discharge
squeegee and scraper independent speed
Power supply: electropneumatic
Working pressure: 6Bar
Printer absorption: 3 Kw
Cycle: manual / semiautomatic / automatic

pneumatic frame lock
laser centering system

Semi automatic
Number of colors: