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  • Special Open Day Cravero - Il report

    tecnologia italiana

    In confirmation of a 2011 party at large with our active participation in numerous events in the industry, even on the weekend just past SER.TEC. and DPI DG Printing were among the main protagonists of another important event, namely the "Special Open Day - Coloring Your World" organized by Cravero - Visual & Communication.

    The event, held on Friday June 17 and Saturday, June 18, 2011 at the headquarters of Cravero situated in Rivoli (Turin), has been a wonderful two days full of news that has ufficialized the new synergy in Piedmont between SER. TEC. and Cravero, visual supplier in town - "we introduced our new DTG Viper models, Rapid Eagle x1 and uv leds!. Much interest was aroused by the latest addition to the Rapid x1 Ser Tec or a new entry in the label world market!.

    The "Special Open Day" was therefore another important step for the professional growth of our company and business. We at SER.TEC.  and DPI DG Printing, therefore, it only remains to make our most sincere thanks to all customers and staff attended the Cravero for the excellent outcome of the event.

    special open dayspecial open day special open day

  • Promodays Colorcopy - Il report

    tecnologia italiana

    After an eventful month of May that saw SER.TEC. Printing and DPI DG big players, even the month of June begins immediately great.

    In the past weekend because our company was one of the leading interpreters of the "Promodays" event organized by our daler Colorcopy.

    The event took place between 10 and 11 June 2011 in Brescia, at the showroom Colorcopy, was a full two days of news. The number of customers attended the event have shown great interest in our products labeled DTG, Rapid Label and Eagle. Commenting very positively, and lauding the new solutions we propose.

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  • Ser.Tec. e DPI DG Printing in tour

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    This period was particularly rich in activities for SER.TEC. and DPI DG PRINTING, we were among the main protagonists of numerous events, confirmed as one of the most powerful, robust and efficient in the industry. Below we present a short report of our recent experiences.


    Between 18 and May 21 we took part in the Samuplast, the exhibition of machine tools and plastics processing systems which was held in Pordenone, the most important event at the national level focuses on technology for the plastics processing.


  • DTG presents the new M2 Printer

     DTG M2

    DTG Digital has been at the forefront in the market for direct printing on fabrics, introducing technologies that have improved the quality standards and imposing itself as an industry standard.

    Whatever was the type of project, for each machine designed by DTG, productivity has always been kept in mind. It would be fair to say that this concept has always been present in all stages of development of the DTG series and was also a key concept for the new M-series that was presented during the show FESPA Digital this year in Hamburg.

  • Colorcopy presents: Promotion days - 10th and 11th June 2011

    Colorcopy opens its doors at its showrooom Via Valcamonica 11 / h in Brescia to showcase the new technologies specially selected for their customers. A new opportunity to see firsthand the latest innovations. Below you can see the event flyer.

    promotion day - colorcopy

    for more informations, please visit Colorcopy's official website :

  • Special Open day - We'll color your world

    The full calendar of events that sees SER.TEC. and DPI DG Printing protagonists is enriched by another event.

    In the days Friday 17th and Saturday, June 18, 2011 we will be attending the event Open Day - Coloring your world.

    The event will be organized by Cravero - Visual Communication and will be held at their corporate headquarters located in Rivoli-(TO), in the course Allamano 143 / and.

    In addition to SER.TEC. and DPI DG Printing many other brands of great importance for the sector as Roland, GRAFCO and HP will be attending the event.

    Below you can see the flyer of the event with a list of all the brands main characters.

    Click on the image to download the pdf file.

    Open Day - Coloriamo il vostro mondo

  • REPRO SISTEMI - OPEN DAY 20-21-22 MAY 2011

    REPRO SYSTEMS invites you to 'Open Day, on Friday, May 20 to Sunday, May 22, 2011 at Via Ginna Marcelli 5 on our premises, in Sansepolcro (AR).

    OPEN DAY 20-21-22 MAGGIO 2011


    DPI DG PRINTING and Ser.Tec. have the pleasure to invite you to "A look at the future - emerging digital graphics technologies" ROLAND - DTG. The Open House will take place on 26-27-28 May 2011 at the Pyramids Hotel Towers Quartesolo (VI) located in Via Brescia, 20.

    To reach the event easily take Vicenza Est exit - and proceed towards the Pyramids Shopping Centre

    The hours of the event are as follows:

    Thursday 26 and Friday 27 from 9.00 to 18.00 - Saturday 28 from 9.00 to 14.00

    Below you will find basic information on the event:

    hotel le piramidi Roland 26 - 27 - 28 Maggio

    26-27-28 MAY 2011