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White Rip

WhiteRIP: The new software by EV Network for digital printing, with a simple and intuitive interface, is based on new technologies that allow a higher print quality and maximize the production. It is avaible in three versions, depending on the area of use:

- WhiteRIP Textile for printing on textile

- WhiteRIP Label for label printing

- WhiteRIP UV for printing on various items

White Rip supports the most common graphic formats, both vector and raster, including JPG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, EPS and PDF. It's equipped with a 16 bits rendering engine which will allow you to have more gradual gradients.

The processing engine built for WhiteRIP provides various halftoning algorithms, including both amplitude and frequency modulations.

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The color management is based on ICC profiles; other than the default ones, it is possible to use new ones that will fit your needs. It's also possible to modify, in a quick and intuitive way, the chromatic render of your prints modifying the ink limit and the TRC curve, relative to every primary color used by the printer.

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The software is capable of handling, other than the four and six color processes, the printing of white color. The white layer generation is completely automatized and optimized for the various fields of use: selective, everywhere, for black background. For creative uses, it's possible to manually generate the white layer.

WhiteRIP is also capable of printing both white and color layers at the same time, with many advantages in precision and speed. Even if the table is not a straight one, the two layers will always be perfectly aligned.

- Halves the number of prints

- Downtimes caused by the table loading for the second print are no longer an issue.

The UV version will allow you to print three layers simultaneously on glass, increasing the advantages on traditional printing.

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WhiteRIP will allow you to use technologies to drastically reduce defects due to faulty machine pitch or clogged print head nozzles (only on HM1, K3 and Eagle), it supports page templates, allowing you to manage trays with multiple tables, each of which can have its own settings.

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, it's possible to place one or more graphics on each table; the given tools allow you to center graphics on the table or align them to the borders with a simple click.
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Once the graphic is loaded, it's possible to replicate it inside the printing area, controlling number and spacing between the copies. Once pagination is done and you have gone through the print settings, it's possible to execute the RIP and save the output on a file, in order to be able to print it again anytime you need, without having to set it up again.

For any work WhiteRIP it calculates also the consumption of ink and the unit cost of any print.

WhiteRIP Label is capable of handling variable data, allowing you to access a data base or loading a text file. It's possible to overlap a text or a barcode in every print, dynamically generated by the software without requiring the intervention of the user.

The base versions of the programs allow you to handle a single printer at a time, the PRO versions are capable of working with more than one printer simultaneously. With WhiteRIP you won't need a computer for each printer anymore, and you'll be able to handle all the RIP jobs in a centralized way.