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  • Ser.Tec. ovens for drying silk-screen or digital prints

    Ser.Tec. has recently renewed its line of belt ovens for drying silk-screen or digital prints.

    Ser.Tec. ovens are equipped with a touch screen control panel for adjusting the temperature, carpet speed and other operating parameters. To minimize heat loss and therefore consumption, the tunnel of Ser.Tec.

  • Summer closure 2021

    We inform you that our company will be closedfor summer holidays
    from 07 August to 22 August 2021 included.

    For consumables orders the last day for shipping is 04/08/2021, orders recived after that day will be processed after 26/08.

    Remember to prepare your machine for long time stop, if you got any doubts contact our technicians!!

  • Report Visiva 2021

    Visiva 2021 ended on Saturday, with the Ser.Tec. group presenting several new products.

    During the event held at the Ser.Tec. headquarters from 16 to 19 June, the new printers with DTF technology and the new Digiscreen S were presented to the public.

    Digiscreen S, the new digital printer to integrate digital printing in screen printing carousels, was one of the most requested products thanks to the speed and quality of printing.

  • The UV Led printers of Ser.Tec. group at Visiva 2021

    The upcoming Visiva 2021 from 16 to 18 June, will be the opportunity to see Ser.Tec's UV Led printers live with the possibility of carrying out targeted and customized tests.
    UV Led technology uses specifically developed inks to initate polymerization with ultraviolet light and not with heat, extending the field of application to all heat-sensitive materials that otherwise would not be possible to print.
    Ser.Tec. UV Led printers have 2 UV Led lamps positioned on the sides of the head thanks to which the polymerization begins already in the printing phase with the material immediately ready for use without further waiting or processing.

    The range of Ser.Tec.

  • DTF technology at Visiva 2021

    At Visiva 2021, from June 16 to 19, there will be the new DTF technology with the printing systems proposed by the Ser.Tec. group. DTF 400 and DTF 600.

    The DTF technology revolutionizes the world of transfers because with a single completely digital passage it is possible to obtain professional transfers, applicable on all types of fabric and on various materials.


    The DTF systems proposed by Ser.Tec.

  • Come and discover Digiscreen S at Visiva 2021

    Visiva 2021, from 16 to 19 June, will be the first opportunity to see the brand new Digiscreen S live.
    Digiscreen S is the solution to integrate digital printing in screen printing carousels of any brand allowing you to apply the particular effects of screen printing (flock, foil, glitter) to digital prints, all in a single production process.

    The printer is equipped with Ricoh Gen 5 heads which guarantee high print quality and speed making the machine extremely productive, up to 200 shirts/hour!

    Digiscreen S is available in two models, Digiscreen S 70 with a printing area of 50x70cm

  • Discover Ser.Tec.'s DTG printers at Visiva 2021

    Visiva 2021 will be the opportunity to see the Ser.Tec. DTG printers live with the tested Eagle series, the new I-DTG 2 and the new Digiscreen S, the solution to integrate digital printing in screen printing carousels.

    The new I-DTG 2 is a digital textile printer equipped with two independent 40x50cm print pallets and two print heads with performances reaching a maximum of 90 shirts per hour on light garments and 80 shirts per hour on dark garments.

    The heads of I-DTG 2 are designed for printing on fabric and can be configured in 2xCMYK or CMYK + White.

    To avoid sedimentation, the white ink is constantly under recirculation, always keeping it well mixed.