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  • Customized printing solutions realized by Ser.Tec.

    Ser.Tec. group designs and manufactures all the components of its printers internally. This allows to create printers with special features to adapt to specific customer requests.

  • Ser.Tec. solutions at Fespa Amsterdam 2021

    After seveal years, this time we will not be present at Fespa.
    The main reason for our absence is the pandemic and the fact that many people would not be able to come due to isolation periods before and/or after the event, highly affecting the number of visitors at the event.

    But we will not be completely absent, infact our Sales Manager Mr. Dario Rampinelli will be at the stand 7-S71 of our Dutch dealer LIRATEX, to present our DTF solutions.
    LIRATEX will expose at Fespa both DTF solutions from SerTec, DTF 400 and DTF 600.

  • DTF printing lines

    The new DTF technology is gaining ground due to it's simplicity and versatility of use.

    The DTF lines offered by Ser.Tec. allow you to completely automatically create transfers that can then be used on natural and synthetic fabrics, metals, wood etc. without the need to purchase different equipment or replace the inks.

    For small and medium-sized productions Ser.Tec.

  • Ser.Tec. linear screen printing machines

    Ser.Tec has renewed its line of linear screen printing by updating the mechanical, electronic and software parts by integrating innovative solution that increase the versatility of the machines and make them compatible with the industry 4.0 standard.

    The S1 screen printing machines, available in two model S1 300 and S1 500, are the most versatile screen printing machines on the market, the result of years of experience in the field.
    They are available in various configurations to cover all production needs and allow printing on any object, both flat and multiform.

    There is the version for printing on round objects, the version with the vacuum table and version with the outgoing table.

  • Ser.Tec. heat presses line

    The products offered by Ser.Tec. include both manual and automatic heat presses.

    heat press P1 8 To open the range of heat presses we find P1 8, a manual heat press with heated top plate.
    The standard pressing area is 38x40cm, as an option there is a 50x60cm size plate and a curved plate for pressing caps.
    The pressing time and temperature can be set from the panel, once the timer has expired the press is automatically released by lifting the upper plate.

    For single plate pneumatic presses Ser.Tec.

  • Ser.Tec. ovens for drying silk-screen or digital prints

    Ser.Tec. has recently renewed its line of belt ovens for drying silk-screen or digital prints.

    Ser.Tec. ovens are equipped with a touch screen control panel for adjusting the temperature, carpet speed and other operating parameters. To minimize heat loss and therefore consumption, the tunnel of Ser.Tec.

  • Summer closure 2021

    We inform you that our company will be closedfor summer holidays
    from 07 August to 22 August 2021 included.

    For consumables orders the last day for shipping is 04/08/2021, orders recived after that day will be processed after 26/08.

    Remember to prepare your machine for long time stop, if you got any doubts contact our technicians!!

  • Report Visiva 2021

    Visiva 2021 ended on Saturday, with the Ser.Tec. group presenting several new products.

    During the event held at the Ser.Tec. headquarters from 16 to 19 June, the new printers with DTF technology and the new Digiscreen S were presented to the public.

    Digiscreen S, the new digital printer to integrate digital printing in screen printing carousels, was one of the most requested products thanks to the speed and quality of printing.