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Colorgate Sun UV Led

Easy, stable, fast and cost effective production in high-end quality: Productionserver 6, the flexible software RIP for large format digital printing. Big banners, posters, print fabrics and soft signage, facade and public transportation, interior design, and display systems for trade shows, digital proofing, screen printing, photos and art prints. Productionserver 6 is the perfect solution for the production of all digital printing services.

ColorGATE has once again succeeded in setting new standards in the industry, Productionserver 6 comes with the revolutionary Process Manager, which brings with it an increase in productivity of up to 400%! As a software RIP universal Productionserver 6 is highly scalable and can be expanded to meet the new requirements at any time. See for yourself, Productionserver 6 is the right solution for your production environment! The interactive system of the parent company will support you in putting together the best cnfigurazione.

The sixth edition of Productionserver is a comprehensive, offering the best performance, range of first class and professional features, all at a very competitive price, designed for print environments such as those offered by Sun products with the functionality of the Special Edition!

Sun has worked with the software manufacturer for a special version for printers Neo UV LED that provides an essential module for the automatic control of the white!!

Productionserver 6 SE Select

A RIP solution for local users, powerful yet affordable. Ideal for application areas such as posters, banners, graphics and photo prints, large format. Designed perun printing system as standard.

Productionserver 6 SE Pro

The practical and effective solution for printing service providers, covering all areas in large print formats, from advertising to construction for the fair and right on up to large sales areas. Designed for two printers as standard.

Productionserver 6 Ultimate

High quality large-format printing and further creation of ICC profiles based on industry standards, as well as fully integrated, managed by our intuitive technologies that give the guarantee of quality. Enables the creation and control of individual company standards. Designed for four printing systems as standard.

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