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I nostri servizi per il cliente

A list of tools that we put at your disposal to offer you highly professional support.
Training courses - DPI Training Center
dpi training center

In order to offer complete assistance to its customers, DPI DG PRINTING organizes technical training courses at its headquarters, an interesting opportunity to get to know the potential of your machine in depth and thus be able to make the most of its capabilities immediately.

Technical assistance service - DPI Assistance
dpi assistance

Our after-sales service. Always active during working hours.


Dedicated online area on the website
The support service is a very useful tool for receiving 360 ° assistance
To use it, simply connect to our website and subscribe to the service by filling out a simple form.
Once this is done, you will receive an email containing the data necessary to access the area.
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Our permanent showroom - Creative Lab
creative lab

Here imagination and fantasy are the masters, the Creative Lab is the point where you can actually realize the potential of our machines and what it is possible to create with them.
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Our portals on the internet - Web sites
siti web

From Heat presses, to screen printing machines, from digital plotters to ovens and drying systems, within you will find technical data sheets for each of our machines, with the possibility of viewing videos to see them in action, download brochures. and information material in pdf format to get to know them better.
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