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Eagle 70R : Revolutionizes Printing with 3D and Foil

Eagle 70R Revolutionizes the Printing Industry through 3D Printing and Foil

Luxury printing meets technological innovation with the new Eagle 70R, which combines the sophistication of Gold Foil with the vividness of 3D Gloss to deliver prints of unparalleled quality.

The machine stands out not only for its elegance but also for a revolutionary design inspired by the wing of an eagle, allowing simplified access and optimized management of the printing surface.

This unique feature allows users to reload the printing surface even during machine operation, optimizing time and enabling work with objects larger than the surface itself.

The versatility of the printing material and detailed precision make the Eagle 70R an indispensable tool for those seeking efficiency and exceptional results.

The Eagle 70R not only guarantees impeccable style in prints but also promises an enhanced user experience, with reduced production times and a quality that transforms every print into a work of art.

Advanced technology combines with an intuitive design to bring your vision to life with unprecedented ease.

With Eagle 70R, every detail speaks, and every print becomes a unique experience.

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