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Screen printing machine mod. S 3P GLASS

Brief description: 
The machine line S 3 P was created to make large prints and on different thicknesses with maximum flexibility, thanks to innovative systems of adjustment and register systems.
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The S3 P machine line was created to produce large format prints on different thicknesses with maximum flexibility, thanks to innovative adjustment and register systems.
The pneumatic locking of the frame and squeegee allows to reduce setup times to a minimum.

Machine made of medium-heavy carpentry and painted with solvent-resistant epoxy paints. Structure divided as follows:
- Support with squeezer with relative motors and tractions
- Adjustable frame holder
- Outgoing printing table with suction and blowing

An electric positioning pin helps to accurately position the glass plates in the plane.

To increase the productivity of the screen printing machine, it is possible to set the print stroke from the panel.

S3 P complies with the Industry 4.0 plan.

Table with retractable belts with automatic feeding system and automatic unloading.

Useful printing sizes: from 1000x2000mm to 2000x4000mm
Print thickness: from 0 to 30 mm
Raclea incidence angle: adjustable
Print speed: variable
Operation: electro-pneumatic
Micrometric frame adjustments X Y Z
Pneumatic lock of frame, squeegee and scraper
Three operating cycles:
autom. with timer
single-stroke with pedal;
manual with keyboard.
Table with vacuum and blowing
Print adjustment by proximity sensors
Rotation of squeegee and scraper for drop recovery
Screen lift parallel to the machine
loading and unloading: manual
adjustable mechanical screen detachment
screen cleaning with print head lifting of 500mm
adjustable pin for glass positioning