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Calender machine
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Infinity is a professional laminating calender suitable for the most demanding customers. Entirely produced in Italy, this machine is able to laminate / laminate from a thickness of 0.6 mm to 50 mm with extreme simplicity and sensitivity in movements. The parameters of speed, pressure and temperature of the rollers can be customized using its user friendly panel and it is also possible to work on both sheets and reels thanks to the automatic rewinder on the back.

Model 110P 110H 168P 208P
Max working width (mm) 1100 1680 2080
Max working thickness (mm) 50
Max roll(s) temperature(°C) upper roller 125 135 upper roller 125 upper roller 50
Roll Type Siliconici
Electronic speed control and display (mt / min) 5 8
Upper unwinder / lower part of the protective film (flag opening) (mm) 76
 Programs number 50
Self-locking coil system on the axis yes
 Sliding benches in micro striped aluminum yes
Alignment system for graduated reels with bench reference yes
Pivoting wheels with brake yes
Adjustable feet yes
digitale Digital control panel yes
Electronic display of the set thickness yes
Electronic control of the pressure exerted yes