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The adhesives are one of the characterizing elements of an advertising message. The advantage of realize adhesive with DPI systems is to do it for few pieces, many pieces or even one piece. The printing quality and bright colors allow you to print high quality adhesives.

With DPI's print and cut plotters the adhesive can be cutted in any shapes and sizes following perfectly the profile assigned. They can be laminated or resinated for fantastic three-dimensional effects.

Written printed and tailored cutted

Adhesive written are easy to made with DPI printers. The possible applications are many: signs, backlit graphics on vehicles but also decorations and outfittings.

Magnetics Stickers

The magnetic sticker is a very effective advertising product. It can be placed in the most disparate and used to publicize activities, events, parties, or mounted on vehicles, printed as a calendar or remember. It can be shaped the desired shape and used as a gadget.