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Advertising panels

With DPI printers you can create every type of advertising panel.

There are two main tecniques: printing directly on the material with UV printers or printing on PVC and then apply it to a rigid support. DPI printers allow to print directly on different materials and the most used for visual comunication are: Dibond®, Forex®, Kapa®, Polionda®, Re-Board® and much more.
Plus, DPI printers allow to varnish the panels to create effects still not very common.
With varnish it's possible to highlight certain areas with opaque, polish or thick effects.

As said before panel can be realized printing an adhesive PVC then paired to a rigid support.
There are some very exciting applications to try such as printing with lenticular effects (3D, flip, morph and animation), to be achieved with special software and materials. The result is incredibly spectacular with an unique level of involvement.