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Realize gadget and promotional items is one of the possibilities offert by DPI machines. With the possibility to print on different materials and the different technologies it's possible to realize gadget even in single copy, engraved, printed or printed with 3D effects. The software included with DPI printers allow to optimize the graphics for the gadgets, customize it with names, photo, add frames and realize it. There are many customization possibilities thanks to UV Led printing and Eagle UV or Compress iUV products

UV LED printing

With a DPI printer you can personalize many gadget printing directly on the material even if slightly curved. The quality also for small font allow a customization very precise and detailed. With DPI products you can realize many different gadgets such as keychain, plaques, medals, pens, lighters, clocks, calendars, corkscrews and much more.


Eagle or Compress UV printers ( vacuum table suggested )

- Pad printing machines

Gadget Gadget