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Outdoor banners

An impacting comunication can't be without banners. For an impacting banner DPI offers its inkjet peripherals. Vivid colors, details, nuances. Everything you need in order to better communicate the message with the quality and the strength it deserves.

What is a banner

Banners are one of the most used materials in visual communication. They come in all types and all grammage and personalize an events simply and rapidly. A banner can stay everywhere and is a solution always welcome to the customer.
The banner is printable easily from all DPI machines and colors can be safely increased to create that colometric effect with whom usually the banners carry the message. It can be horizontal or vertical, mounted on a stand or on walls or on ad hoc supports. Once equipped with eyelets and welded, it is ready to be used.

Where to use it

Banners are used in events, places of public interest, but also shopping shopping centers, stores, external. Every place where there is the needs to promote a message.