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Signage is a very large application field.
It can include shop, shopping center or industrial signage.
Signage can be realized with different techniques according to the needs and where it must be positioned.

Signage with UV Led printing

UV Led printing support almost every substrate, even heat sentitive ones, infact with UV Led lamps the polymerization of the inks start immediatly after the prints without needs to pass the material on oven.
With UV Led printing signage can be printed directly on the material.
Effects like gloss or 3D can give a touch of extra style.

Signage with prespaced adhesive vinyl

Exists many different ways to use adhesive vinyl for signage: directional signs, arrows, symbols, indications on the ground. Also, all the road signs are realized with refractive prespaced adhesive vinyl.

Signage with printed and cutted adhesive vinyl

Evolution of the classic adhesive vinyl can be the white vinyl printed and cutted with the desidered shape. In this case you can realize graphics according to needs. In case of industrial use we suggest adhesive lamination.