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Shops customization

Il punto vendita rappresenta una miniera di possibilità di personalizzazione per la stampa digitale ed in generale per la comunicazione visiva. Vediamo nel dettaglio cosa possiamo realizzare con le periferiche Roland.

Shop window

The shop window is the business card of any company, shop, mall, bank or dealership. It 'a space on which to communicate, with the desired shape, all the concepts that make a difference for that activity can be immediately put into commercial prominence.
In short the shop window is a real marketing tool and allow to exit immediatly from citizen anonymity!
When you propose a graphic for window to a customer you must also consider that a window with a graphical harmonic gives a message of cleanliness and professionality to the customers of the activity, as well as serenity and joy.
In addition, the shop window well joins other applications that can be proposed inside the activity, in order to give a unique and harmonious message.

Materials for customize the shop window

The window decoration is usually made of vinyl that can be printed and cutted to the desidered shape.
Obviously, colorful windows able to capture the attention may also be made only with cutted vinyl. Is important to preserve the symbols of the activity: logos, slogans and other graphic symbols must be perfectly integrated into the project.
The vinyl for its characteristics of brilliance give much emphasis to the graphic. The vinyl used for window decoration usualli has a longer duration for obvious reasons: sun, cold, rain, hands, sweat, scratches and other stesses typical of an outdoor graphic.
Moreover, it must not retreat, shatter or change state or it will be a work to be redone again.

Preforated window films

Besides to normal vinyl there are also materials called One way that are taking place in the decoration of the windows( but also bus, cars and buildings ). This kind of material is a microperforated that allow who is insido to look outside, while drom outside you can see the graphic but nt inside. This kind of material allow a very high quality result even if the smallest particoular will lose details because of the perforated surface.

Window decals inside the window

When needed, or to avoid the exposition of windows decals to atmospheric agents, it possible to position the graphics inside the window.
How it's possible that a window decal, applied on the indoor side of a window, can highlight outdoor? It's possible with the cheat of printing the mirrored graphic on transparent vinyl and apply on the back a vinyl sheet with white glue. Simply print the mirrored graphic on transparent vinyl, laminate it with white vinyl and cut using the crop marks printed before.
This create a decal mirrored to insert on the indoor side og the window that, thanks of the white vinyl appears with brilliant colors. With this cheat the aspect of decals is really something else than the mere press on a transparent vinyl.

Floor graphics

Walking inside an activity or a shopping center, you can't be attracted from the graphics on the floor. Each one transmit a message that is immediately recognized. Floor graphics are one of the essential components of visual communication inside shops, shopping centers, and every activity open to public as well as industrial, production and warehouse spaces. In visual communication, floor graphics if well managed, can highlight the peculiarity of a product or an event that otherwise would lose inside the large offert that is present inside every shop nowadays. Even though is rarely considered in an effective visual communication plan, floor graphics are one of the application with the larger growth in digital printing.


The sign is a very important promotional instrument for a shop. The sign is fixed so must be communicative and perfectly realized. Is also possible the use of a backlighted material for a more impactful graphic.


The word POP stand for "Point Of Purchase" and indicates the visual comunication on the point of purchase such as displays, suspended signs, special materials to be applied to the product or to the shelves in supermarkets. They are all instruments, usually of paperboard, that assists visual communication for your products.


The visual comunication of a brand can also be made with products packaging or the bags you give to customers. They are realizeble before the assembly or applying some adhesives, without minimum pieces restrictions.

Print on banners

Banners are one of the most used materials in visual communication. They come in all types and all grammage and personalize an events simply and rapidly. A banner can stay everywhere and is a solution always welcome to the customer.
The banner is printable easily from all DPI machines and colors can be safely increased to create that colometric effect with whom usually the banners carry the message. It can be horizontal or vertical, mounted on a stand or on walls or on ad hoc supports. Once equipped with eyelets and welded, it is ready to be used.

Print on panels

Dpi printers like Eagle and Beled can perform prints on panels of many materials.
Today is possible print on all the most used materials in digital visual communication like: Dibond®, Forex®, Kapa®, Polionda®, Re-Board® and much more. Plus, DPI printres allow to varnish the panels to create effects still not very common.
With varnish it's possible to highlight certain areas with opaque, polish or tich effects.
Thanks to reflected light on the texture is possible to obtain a affect that changes depending on the wiewing angle.
In addition there are some very exciting applications to try such as printing with lenticular effects (3D, flip, morph and animation), to be achieved with special software and materials. The result is incredibly spectacular with an unique level of involvement.