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The workwear is avery interesting market. It requires high quality graphics to communicate the seriousness of the company even in the detail of the simplest garment.

The customization of Work Clothes allows customers to differentiate their brand along with their company from the competition. The custom uniforms communicate professionalism and seriousness, employees who wear these garments are distinguishable from the crowd. With Ser-Tec you can customize, even single, of every type of clothing thanks to high-quality digital printers.

You print the graphics directly from the computer to the garment and in a few minutes the print is done. Is sufficient to pass the garment under the heat press and the print is fixed permanently to the fabric. For customization of several garments is reccomended the use of screen printing to reduce printing time and reduce costs.


- DTG printers

- Screen printing machines

FIXING : Heat presses / Owens